Woolacombe - not just a summer beach resort

It's tempting to think of Woolacombe as a summer beach resort but if you've ever been there during the winter months you'll be able to relate to this blog post.

Taken one morning in December.

Taken one morning in December.

Now don't get us wrong, because we love summer on the beach, but you need an awful lot of energy in order to enjoy Woolacombe from May to September. It's all about early starts, limited parking, lack of personal 'sand space', and constant action. It's enough to tire out the most energetic of us!

Take a typical winter's day in contrast. Here's an ideal morning:

  • Have a cozy lie-in
  • Walk along the wild and isolated coastline
  • Make and enjoy the ultimate hot chocolate

The lie-in

It's dark in the morning so you can have a guilt-free lie-in. You might as well go for breakfast in bed because that's the best way to stay warm and cozy. Choose porridge for that 'Ready Brek glow', or take on some crumpets with lashings of butter to get the day started.

Taken along the walk between Woolacombe and Putsborough beach.

Taken along the walk between Woolacombe and Putsborough beach.

Beach walk

Once the sun starts to rise over the hill our favourite option is to wrap up warm, get some hiking boots on, and enjoy the bracing walk from Woolacombe to Putsborough and back. Get yourself onto the beach and walk all the way to the headland in the distance. It's about 4 miles there and back and en route you'll get to see the raw coastline and sand dunes in all their beauty. There are no beach combers cleaning up every morning so you'll find weird and wonderful items washed up on the sand, fantastical driftwood shapes, interesting bird colonies and more. If you're lucky you'll be miles from the nearest person and believe us when we say that the sense of isolation is wonderful! The photos on this blog post were all taken on this walk in December 2009.

Hot chocolate time!

When you get back the best thing you can do is get yourself over to the Londis on and pick up the following ingredients for the perfect hot chocolate back at Kittiwake One:

  • Milk
  • Chocolate powder
  • Squirty cream
  • Marshmallows
  • A Cadburys Flake
  • A shot of creme de menthe for a cheeky 'After Eight' twist.

Mix the above ingredients in the obvious order. Best served quickly.

A health-warning on the hot chocolate

If you add the creme de menthe then this drink contains alcohol so please enjoy it responsibly. The recipe also contains ingredient which are unlikely to be compatible with lactose intolerance, or a healthy waistline. You may find yourself addicted.

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