The National Trust, in partnership with the The Campaign for Drawing, are hosting a 'Big Draw on the Beach' between 11am and 1pm on Friday 1st November. If you've not taken part in this event before, you're in for a treat! You'll start the day by going on a scavenger hunt of the surrounding area, looking for shells, driftwood, netting, and anything else you could use in your finished masterpiece. You'll then produce your piece of art on as large or small a scale as you like, using only the natural environment and the elements you discovered on your hunt.

This year's event meets at Mill Rock on Woolacombe Beach, which is the big set of black rocks around 500m away from the stream, walking towards towards Putsborough Beach. For more information call 01598 763402, email or visit the National Trust's event page here.

If you're not sure whether this event is for you, read the National Trust's entry from the 2010 event over on their excellent blog.